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Xtin Grand

$371.95 CAD

MAUS Xtin Grand the fire fighter of the future extinguishes fires with potassium-based smoke. It is 3 times as powerful as MAUS Xtin Klein, it produces no toxic residue and the smoke is completely harmless.. There is no explosion hazard in case of fire or extreme pressure (collision). It works in the temperatures ranging from -20 C – + 60 C.

MAUS Xtin Grand is CERTIFIED by RINA S.p.A. in class B (liquid fuel such as oil, petrol and lighter fluid) and class C (gas fires such as LPG and ammonia). In addition to class B and C, it is capable of fighting minor fires in classes A (wood, paper and plastics), F (cooking oil and food grease) and smaller electric fires. It is not capable of fighting burning metals found in, for example, Bengali fires and emergency flares. Nor glow fires. 21Bc.

MAUS Xtin Grand is a great addition to other approved fire extinguishers, it has limited extinguishing capacity and should only be used for fires in the starting phase.