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Revolutionary European Technology

MAUS revolutionizes fire suppression. Its products are small, stylish and yet powerful. Their compact size allows them to be placed where fire protection would previously not be available. In the glove compartment of your car, in a server room, on a boat or in your bedroom, MAUS is always there within arm’s reach to help protect what matters most. MAUS devices are non pressurized, which means they don’t require yearly maintenance.

MAUS Xtin Klein Fire Extinguisher

The future of fire protection is here! Light and easy to use, the MAUS Xtin Klein Extinguisher has made firefighting safer and more effective than ever.

The MAUS Xtin Klein uses potassium-based smoke to extinguish fires. This inventive approach employs potassium acetate and potassium citrate to form an air-excluding soapy foam to smother and extinguish the fire.

Being innovative with your fire safety means significant savings on time and money — while keeping people and assets safe.

How it Works

Easy to Use

The MAUS Xtin Klein is simple to use — pull the metal ring, aim at the fire and press the yellow button. The size and technology make it the world’s most versatile fire extinguishing device.

Fast and Powerful

Discharging a potassium smoke suppression agent at a length of 3 metres for 9 seconds, the MAUS Xtin Klein provides enough time and power to fight small fires effectively.

Non-Toxic and Safe

The potassium smoke agent MAUS uses to suppress fires is 100% non-toxic and will not remove oxygen from the surrounding air, keeping you and your people safe.