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Fire Suppression for your Business

Guardian Fire Shield can be placed virtually anywhere fire protection is required, without expensive plumbing or installation costs. It is more than just a safety device; it is a critical part of any fire protection plan and can protect your business for five years (not including battery replacement for testing purposes).

How it Works

Installs easily into your ceiling – by one of our professionals or yourself.

Activates when the temperature of the unit reaches 135° F/57° C.

Discharges an easy to clean up, non-toxic, dry-chem agent.

Where it Works

Industries using Guardian Fire Shield

Guardian Fire Shield provides extra protection for electrical distributing points, heating equipment, 3D printers, shop tools, and industrial equipment.

Tiny Homes

In a space the size of a tiny home, even if you are present and able to use an extinguisher, that precious time should be used to get to safety – let Guardian Fire Shield take on the responsibility of suppressing the fire while you worry about what’s most important.


Water damage accounts for over seventy percent of the cost of restoration due to fire. While many warehouses have sprinkler systems already in place, augmenting a sprinkler system with a localized Guardian Fire Shield unit can greatly reduce the risk of catastrophic damage caused by water.

Shops and Outbuildings

Some of our most valuable possessions and the tools of our trade are stored in shops and outbuildings that have no power or water. The Guardian Fire Shield provides 24/7/365 automated fire suppression without the need for plumbing, electricity or costly installation. Mounting brackets allow for installation almost anywhere.

Social Housing

Protecting our most vulnerable around the clock. Most social housing units predate sprinklers and to retrofit older buildings with a fire suppression system is cost prohibitive. The Guardian Fire Shield is used by not for profit housing societies to affordably protect their residents and assets. The majority of fires start in the kitchen, so a single unit can save lives and valuable beds for those in need.

Kennels and Stables

Over 750,000 animals died in fires over the last five years. That’s one of the reasons to install the Guardian Fire Shield at your kennel or stable and why the Toronto Humane Society chose Guardian Fire Shield to protect the animals in their care. Easy installation, low cost and 24/7/365 coverage for the animals under your care.

Easy to Install

Installation is quick and easy: Cut a 5.25” hole with an ordinary keyhole saw, insert the cylinder, and secure the cover.

Learn How

$5 Million Dollar Certificate of Liability Insurance

Guardian Fire Shield comes with a $5 Million Certificate of Liability for each unit installed.

Guardian Fire Shield: $5 Million Dollar Liability Certificate Details

  • Limited Liability based on the non-performance of UL certified blow glass.
  • GFS Systems must be serviced as per the requirements:
    • 10 year service ABC Dry Chemical
    • Battery replacement as required for low pressure indicator.
    • Pressure level 175 PSI

NOTE: Unit can be hardwired to avoid battery replacement

  • Power is not required for the Guardian Fire Shield to operate.
  • Guardian Fire Shield Unit must be registered with Guardian Fire Shield.
    • Check with your local insurance company to see if the $5 Million Certificate will reduce your insurance premiums.