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Peace of mind protection

Guardian Fire Shield and the MAUS product line protect people and property from devastating and costly fire and water damage. These revolutionary fire suppression tools defend your business, home, and assets so you can focus on getting to safety. Every second counts in a fire–don’t take chances with what matters most.

Guardian Fire Shield Benefits

Guardian Fire Shield was featured on Dragon’s Den in 2015 and attracted the interest of investors (company at that time known as Haven Fire Suppression).

When activated, Guardian Fire Shield discharges a non-toxic ABC dry-chemical formula to smother flames. It’s easy to install into your ceiling and covers a 16′ x 16′ space – perfect for anywhere there is a fire risk. It provides the safety and security of traditional automated water-based fire suppression without costly fire and water damage.

MAUS Benefits

MAUS is the smallest, most powerful, and environmentally friendly fire protection available. Founded in Germany in the mid-1800s, MAUS is at the forefront of leading-edge fire fighting equipment. Today, the MAUS vision is to create fire fighting technology that protects your home, business, and other assets in the most innovative ways possible.

MAUS products are accessible enough to fit virtually anywhere fire protection is needed and blend in wherever you need.