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Guardian Fire Shield

Guardian Fire Shield is like having a firefighter in your home 24/7. Its non-toxic powder releases at 135° F/57° C and protects an area of at least 16ft x 16ft. A fraction of the price of water based systems, it requires no plumbing, electricity or costly installation. Best of all, there’s no water damage in the event of a fire and it’s easily vacuumed up.


MAUS is the smallest, most powerful, and environmentally friendly fire fighting protection available. MAUS products are accessible and compact enough to fit in spaces where fire suppression is not commonly feasible.

Guardian Fire Shield and Maus protect people and your most valuable assets while saving you money, time, and stress – the priceless peace of mind protection.


“Why did I purchase Guardian Fire Shield? l bought it as it automatically sets off at a temperature of 135 degrees. In the case of a fire, this means fast, automatic fire suppression and more time to gather everyone and get out of the building safely. I’m a volunteer firefighter and knowing that Guardian Fire Shield protection is in place gives me peace of mind. Plus, it’s way less expensive and easier to install than fire sprinkler system”

D. J. Mackenzie, Chatham-Kent, Ontario